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Skin Peels

Our approach to skin care is no one size fits all, our peels are customized to your skin. 

After your skin assessment a treatment will be designed to your skin.

Collagen Power Peel (non-acid peel)

A Vitamin rich infusion peel working from the inside out. Speeding up the production of new healthy cells, boosts collagen production, fades pigmentation, controls and calms acne breakouts and promotes overall skin health.

60 minutes


Add Dermaplaning $59


Skin Resurfacers

Using a variety of peeling agents-  fruit acids, glycolic acid, lactic acid, retinaldehyde, retinol, saliyclic acid to treat a wide range of skin concerns. 


Skin resurfacers treatments require zero to minimal downtime.

Post care guidelines and samples will be given on day of treatment.


45 minutes


Add Dermaplaning $59


Packages avaliable for all peels

Medium Depth Peels

Medium depth peels to target acne, melasma, sun-damage, textural concerns, acne scars, sagging skin, wrinkles.


After skin assessment we will determine which peeling agents are best suited to your skin goals.


Peeling agents  - Salicylic Acid, Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Retinol, Mandelic acid, Kojic acid,  resorcinol acid.


Medium depth peels require downtime and skin pre and post care. Prepare to shed like a snake. Consultation required prior for new clients.


Mandatory post peel kit needs to be purchased for post care. This is provided at cost for clients.

Price $189 -$229


Will I experience any downtime?

Downtime of mild to medium flaking post peeling treatments. Depending on the peel performed..

This will be discussed before your treatment peel.

Skin must be conditioned and prepped before any peeling treatment, which will discussed prior to your skin treatment.

A series of treatments is recommended for optimum results,

Avoid heat/swerating for 48 hours post treatment.

Follow all post care given after treatment.

Avoid active products/exfolaition for 5-7 days post treatment.

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