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The cooler side of the pillow - beauty sleep 101

Updated: May 18, 2021

There is nothing quite like the cooler side of the pillow

Sleep is essential; it allows the body and skin to go into repair mode and a time for us to recharge our batteries ready for the next day.

When we sleep, our skin goes into rejuvenation mode, where it rebuilds collagen and repairs damage from free radicals. Sleep is essential for our mind, body and skin- this is why it's vital to have good quality sleep and always double cleanse the skin before bed to remove environmental pollutants allowing the skin to rebuild and repair.

The quality of your sleep impacts skin health, the way we look and how we feel; there is a reason it's called beauty sleep.

Personally, if I don't sleep well, I not only look like a wreck, but I actually cannot function without a good 8 hours of sleep; nothing frustrates me more than a night of tossing and turning.

There are many ways sleep can be affected, and it's finding the triggers that keep you up at night. These are my top tips for making sure you get some good shut-eye.


I put a technology ban on myself before bed, a struggle at first as I'm too attached to my phone. Studies have shown looking at screens 'blue lights' shortly before bed suppresses melatonin and keeps the brain alert, affecting the quality of your sleep even if you are in bed for eight hours. When I finally began avoiding screens for the last hour before bed, it significantly changed my sleep quality. Also, I began to sleep with no technology in my bedroom, no TV, no phone and no computers; I picked this trick up when I looked to the art of feng shui for my apartment. Feng shui also stresses the importance of an organised and tidy bedroom before falling asleep; it creates a calming space for your mind and body to unwind.

Write a list

My mind does not like to rest; I find writing a list for everything I need to accomplish the next day before going to bed allows my mind to rest rather than racing with a to do list. I handwrite this list as it does not resonate when I type the list on my laptop or phone. It is the act of writing with a pen.

Self-care Ritual

Take some me-time before going to bed. Put the kettle on, create a delicious warming cup (my favourite is adap gems tea or five mushroom blend by Harmonic Arts). Take a relaxing bath; I can't recommend moonlight alchemy CBD soaks enough for adding relaxation to your bath time to aid peace and calm, and don't forget to light your favourite candle.


Play relaxing music or listen to audiobooks; there is something very soothing about storytelling before bed—what a great invention audiobooks. I still love reading, but I love to be read to. If you haven't yet, download audible!