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A skin glow from the big O

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

After sex skin is a real thing people, and there is nothing like a skin glow after a good time between the sheets.

Are orgasms the answer to preserving healthy glowing skin?

I'm so glad we are moving past the days when discussing sex is considered taboo, because this is something I want to shout from the rooftops.

Still, some of us, (like I used to be) will blush and feel uncomfortable talking about sex, but why? It's something we all do, but we shy away like it's a secret.

So today we are talking orgasms, keep reading, even if you're blushing.

When we orgasm, it allows our brain to release oxytocin the happy hormone which lowers cortisol levels.

Lower cortisol levels lead to better sleep, decrease inflammation and improved collagen production - only every female on the planets skin goals.

What does this mean for the skin?

Better sleep equals healthier skin; there is a reason its called beauty sleep. Reducing inflammation in the body will reduce premature ageing, acne, puffiness and many other skin conditions.

The release of oxytocin will help to destress the body, so when you feel stressed, maybe have aches, pains, or a headache coming on, chances are an orgasm will help release the tension and relax and calm the body. We release endorphins after we climax, which reduces pain, stress and anxiety, leading to better sleep.

Sleep is key to beautiful skin and a healthy mind and body

Orgasms raise estrogen levels in the body. Estrogen helps to promote collagen in the body, supporting the skin and reducing fine lines wrinkles.

Lower cortisol levels alongside increased estrogen levels improve your body's collagen production.

The orgasm cheek flush