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Micro-needling utilises tiny needles which gently glide across the skin and are designed to create thousands of micro-channels in the skin, creating a controlled injury and triggering the skin natural wound healing response.


This response results in the release of growth factors, a dramatic increase in production of collagen and elastin, and remodelling of the skin tissue over a period of months following the treatment. 


Repairing , healing and slowing down the aging process. Resulting in healthy, smooth, more refined and rejuvenated skin.


Fine lines & wrinkles

Acne scarring/ scars

Textual concerns and pore size


Has been shown to improve melasma

Preventative skin care

Strengthens the skin

Full face micro-needling and LED light therapy. (LED light can be substituted for an enzyme treatment) Includes take home sample products for post treatment care.

​Full face/neck/chest $300

Add neck $69 

Add Chest $69

Single scar treatment $190

Add Stem cell serum $99

Add skin booster $99

Contact for other area quotes

Micro-needling and stem cells for thinning hair and hair loss


Performing micro-needling leads to a wound healing response, and an accelerated production of growth factors which has shown to stimulate hair growth on the scalp. Combining micro-needling and stem serum containing bone marrow-derived growth factors in a hyaluronic acid suspension to accelerate the results.


Micro- needling and stem cell Scalp treatment plus take home stem cell serum 



Package prices available for all treatments


We use the EVO Eclipse Micro-needling pen which is Health Canada approved.

If you have not recieved Micro-needling treatments before then a consultation is required prior to booking Micro-needling treatments and this can be done in person or online.

During your consultation 

We will address your skin concerns and offer recommendations for best treatment plan for your skin.

Discuss the number of treatments required for optimum results, time between treatments and an aftercare plan.

Provide you with the chance to ask questions  you may have about micro-needling and the expected results.

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