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Dermaplaning is a resurfacing, hair removal treatment that painlessly removes fine facial hair (peach fuzz) and the outermost layer of dull skin cells. ​

Removing peach fuzz and the top layer of dead skin allows products to penetrate more effectively into the skin. After Dermaplaning sessions, the skin has a smooth and flawless finish.

This skin treatment results in soft, smooth, and radiant skin. A great treatment for pregnancy/sensitve skins.


Even exfoliation

Peach fuzz-free face

Noticeably smoother skin after one treatment

Enhances product penetration

Makeup sits smoother - great before events

Speeds up cell turnover

Brighter and healthier looking skin

Variety of modalities (90 minute)


60 minutes



Will my hair grow back thicker?

It’s a common fear dermaplaning can stimulate the hair to grow back thicker. Vellus peach fuzz hair will not grow back thicker after shaving - so do not panic!

Is there any downtime?

We recommend avoiding heat activties/sweating for 24 hours post treatment.

Avoid exfolation and active products for 3 days post treatment.

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