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Dermal Rejuvenation with


Introducing Dermal Rejuvenation with RevitaPen, a non-invasive and no-needle alternative to micro-needling. No downtime and no pain!


Medical grade dermal facial infusion (non acid peel) paired with revitapen using nano-channeling for enhanced product delivery.


Generating a 30 day collagen production increase. Avoiding any damage to the epidermis by creating nano sized channels to deliver a high dose of active ingredients into the skin. Delivering ingredients from the facial infusion to trigger the skin's regenerative process through an increase of nutrition, communication and stimulation within the skin.

Dermal Rejuvenation with Revitapen 


Full face and neck treatment 60minutes $253


Advanced Dermal Rejuvenation with RevitaPen and Biologique Recherche booster 75 minutes  $299

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