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Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche has a world class reputation for their clinical approach to skincare and treatments. Biologique Recherche effectiveness based on their clinical and personalized approach to skin care using highly concentrated, pure, raw active ingredients.

Biologique Recherche customized facial 60 minutes plus consult time


The Biologique recherche facial is a complete customized treatment using highly concentrated cold pressed boosters and products, to repair, replenish and restore skin health. Utilizing different massage techniques to lift, sculpt and support lymphatic drainage. The treatment includes face, neck and chest. You will walk out  with sky high cheekbones, a defined jaw line and glowing skin.


Biologique Recherche Customized Facial

90 Minutes plus consult time


The 60 minutes Biologique Recherche facial plus customized modalities from EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), LED light therapy, Guasha and a variety of skin boosters and cofactors customize to your skin instants needs. The perfect pre event facial.


NeurotriS X Biologique Recherche 2 hours

The ultimate skin enhancing, lifting and sculpting treatment. Combining all the benefits of Biologique boosters, manual massage and advanced micro-current technology.


Seconde Peau Treatment by Biologique Recherche 

Seconde Peau is an electrospun mask strip made up of 80% Hyaluronic AciIntroducingd of medical origin. 

The pharmaceutical grade Hyaluronic Acid is purer and 40 times more concentrated than that found in traditional cosmetics.


The very low molecular weight (77kDa) Hyaluronic Acid gives a superior regenerating action, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and reduces the depth of lines.


The Seconde Peau treatment accelerates cell renewal and optimises healing for a visible and immediate tightening effect. It increases cohesion, firmness and density of the skin.



Erases the signs of aging

Treats wrinkles and fine lines

Lifts and plumps facial features

Increases skin’s cohesion, firmness and density

Accelerates cellular renewal and optimizes the healing process

Restores radiance 


Facial Treatment cost 90 minutes $395


Add on to any facial treatment 30mins $150

Mico-stimulation infusion with Cocktail d'Actifs Regenerants by Biologique recherche


Cocktail d'Actifs Regenerants

Activates epidermal regeneration and revitalizes the skin. Chock-full of vitamins and active ingredients derived from cutting-edge biotechnology, this cocktail provides multi-benefit results, even in the case of the most devitalized Skin Instants.

It activates cellular regeneration, protects against the harmful effects of free radicals and boosts the skin’s protective functions while improving epidermal moisture and tone


The technique is nearly painless and is based on micro-stimulations (low depth micro-needling) to remodel the deeper dermal layer for increased regeneration, resurfacing and firmness. The obtained effects are the stimulation of intra-dermal collagen production and increase penetration of Cocktail d’Actifs Regenerants vitamins and growth factor serum.


Full face and neck treatment plus sheet mask and LED light Therapy







Biologique Recherche Soin VIPO2 Oxygénant 

60 minutes plus consult time

Oxygen is the source of life! Our skin cells need oxygen to regenerate and unfortunantly with the environmental pollution, especially for city dwellers it affects the way the skin metabolises and leads to a poor supply of oxygen to the skin. This leads to dull and unhealthy skin.

This treatments utilises the VIP 02 booster formula composed of Oxygenating Complex specific to Biologique Recherche and an anti-pollution platform. Skin will be detoxified and reoxygenated, the skin is cleared of impurities.


A perfect combination of micro-exfoliation, oxygenation and bio-energy massages that will oxygenate the epidermis, relax your features and leave you radiant.


Add ons  (can be added to any treatment)

Biologique Recherche Co factors customized to your skin $50


Can I wear makeup afterwards?

We recommend to leave the skin free of makeup following a facial until the enxt day. If makeup is neccessary then we only recommend applying mineral makeup post facial treatments.

Skincare post treatments

We recommend to avoid any active products (retinoids, exfoliation, AHAs, BHA) for 2-5 days after treatment. The time we be advised at treatment as it depends on what products are used.

What is the downtime?

No downtime post treatment

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