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Facial Massage & Facial Ageing

We are unique in genetics and lifestyle factors which contribute to skin concerns and ageing.  You are unique and so should your treatments be. 

The body has an amazing ability to self-heal. Treating facial ageing as a whole, there are many factors to how the face changes as we age.


We are all ageing and ageing is a blessing, we can age well. We can slow down, and correct changes in the face due ageing, with the right tools, knowledge and techniques.

Facial ageing is a multifactorial process, as muscle, bone, fascia, skin and fat changes. This should all be considered when providing treatments to treat ageing and facial changes.


The power
of touch,
the power
of facial massage

Facial Massage

Facial massage practiced for many years in Europe and Asia. A unique beauty treatment to target facial ageing. Using precise and accurate techniques to combat signs of ageing and restore the face. 


Kimberly de Matos Skin provides a unique facial massage incorporating many different techniques Kimberly has developed over 15 years practicing. Using a variety of techniques, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, gua sha, Buccal (intraoral), myofascial release and sculpting.

Facial massage works on many areas of facial ageing and facial changes. We are going to look into the breakdown of facial ageing and how facial massage is beneficial.




Changes in fascia and tendons which will affect the way the face ages


What is fascia?


Fascia is connective tissue surrounding every organ, blood vessel, bone, nerve fibre and muscle in place. 

Muscle fascia is composed of many molecules, that consist of structural proteins (collagens, laminins, fibronectin, tenascin and elastin), growth factors (TGF and IGF), glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans, degradation enzymes (metalloproteinases), cytokines and water.


These compositions change during ageing. Fascia does more than provide structure but has nerves which make it sensitive like skin.


Fascia thickness changes as we age depending on the area, some areas will increase and some decrease and this will affect the flexibility. Fascia is elastic and viscoelastic influencing the biomechanical characteristics of the musculoskeletal system (your bones, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues).

Fascia is designed to stretch when you move. When fascia is stressed it dehydrates and tightens up around the muscle and can lead to tension, pain, less mobility and knots. Fascia can be damaged due to trauma, inflammation, incorrect physical activity and surgery.


Fascia on signs of facial ageing 

When fascia is restricted, dehydrated and stiff it creates tension lines which are the deep furrows that follow the fascia webbing structure under the skin. These lines will soften when fascia is released.  When fascia is restricted it does not allow for lymph to flow (detoxification) and blood circulation to the skin.


Treating and releasing restricted fascia is important for the health of the skin and this is an area I pay particular attention to during my sculptural buccal facial and also my neurotris micro-current treatment. Working to strengthen and support fascia, through facial massage, Guasha and movement.



Healthy fascia is key to ageing well, as fascia is a big component in many age related changes 


Facial Fat 

Fat pads are areas of closely packed subcutaneous fat cells.

As we age facial fat pads atrophy in the mid and upper portion of the face this can lead to a more sunken face and deflated look, creating hollows. At the same time we can gain more fat (hypertrophy) in the lower face contributing to jowls and saggy skin. 


Fat pads start to atrophy around the eyes first, and this is where we see first signs of ageing, noticing dark circles and hollows. Fat will begin to change around the nasolabial folds, noticing deeper lines forming. As fat pads start to diminish the structure and fullness of the upper and mid face collapses and the lower face becomes heavier, creating a more square appearance as the lower face fat increases.

The fat also becomes more visible as separate pockets of fat rather than a smooth blended appearance of a younger face.

Facial massage techniques working on the subcutaneous fat to remodel and smooth out the subcutaneous fat to Improve the skin and lift facial tissues.

Keeping the fat healthy is key for healthy skin. This can through deep tissue facial massage, lymphatic drainage, a protein rich diet, avoiding drastic weight loss and avoiding aesthetic treatments that can break down the fat layer prematurely.


Facial fat can be over looked in facial ageing, many aesthetics treatments on the market can damage the fat which can prematurely age the face. 

Avoiding treatments like heat based skin tightening treatments and radio frequency, as these have shown to damage facial fat.




Facial Muscles 

As we age we will experience loss of muscle tone which will cause the muscles to weaken and drop, leading to sagging skin and loss of tone. The muscles on the face and neck are directly attached to the skin, therefore loss in muscle tone has a great impact on skin health. Muscle tension will affect blood circulation and the lymph flow. Releasing muscle tension, relaxing ,soothing and strengthening the muscles through accurate facial massage, will help to improve skin health and reshape the face.



Facial muscles are attached to the bones in the face. As we age we suffer bones loss, which will also affect the muscle attached, accelerating loss of muscle tone. This is why it is common to see wrinkles forming around the mouth, as the bite collapses and also with clenching and grinding the teeth





Emotional stress & trauma



Our issues get stuck in our tissues


Anxiety and depression is increasingly common, and even more so over the last few years. We store the stress with grinding and clenching the teeth, in the chest, the neck and the mouth.


Stop, and take a minute to feel where you are holding on to any stress and tension.


Our bodies and faces hold onto negative or suppressed emotions from any type of trauma - fear pain, hurt, anger, resentment.


This builds tension and stores in our tissues, which affects the way we age inside and out. Trauma and inflammation causes restrictions in fascia.


Restricted fascia blocks lymph flow and blood circulation to the skin. When fascia is restricted wrinkles appear deeper and skin sagging happens. 

Benefits of Facial/Buccal massage


Releases tension

Lifts and sculpts the face

Smooths fine lines and wrinkles

Therapeutic for TMJ

Emotional tension (we store trauma and emotions in our jaw)

Promotes skin Clarity

Releases restricted fascia

Releases muscle tension

Soothes muscles and restores muscle tone

Reduces puffiness

Reshapes the face and restores the natural oval

Supports the lymphatic system

Promotes blood circulation

Restores facial oval

Facial Massage Treatment Offerings 

Sculptural Buccal facial Massage

The best alternative to radical face rejuvenation, working with nearly every muscle of the face. 

Beginning the facial treatment with lymphatic drainage massage using manual techniques or cupping to improve lymph flow and reduce puffiness.

Moving to a strong focus on neck, shoulders and scalp to remove blockages and stagnation.


Following with deep tissue massage conducted on the three sculptural lines of the face, restoring and defining contours, lifting and sculpting the face, while targeting under eye bags and sagging skin.

Facial massage techniques working on the subcutaneous fat to remodel and smooth out the subcutaneous fat to improve the skin and lift facial tissues.

Buccal massage is then performed which is a technique to massage the inner and outer muscles of the mouth.

Finally finishing with more myofascia release on the outer face and scalp work to lift and open the eye area.

A non surgical facelift and complete work out for the facial muscles. Muscles are soothed, fascia is released and the face is restore. Immediate results are noticeable as the face looks awake and open, tension is released, lines are soften and you will float out of the treatment room.

Décolleté, shoulders, scalp and neck massage are included alongside facial massage.


You will leave lifted, sculpted and rejuvenated.


80 minutes 


Add LED light therapy $59

Packages available 

Deep tissue and Guasha Facial massage

Combining lymphatic drainage, cupping, Gua sha facial massage with hands on deep tissue massage. Gliding a Rose Quartz Gua sha stone alongside manual deep tissue facial massage for deep muscle tension release, lifting and sculpting alongside promoting lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. The technique is slow and steady, ranging from light to medium pressure.


Skin health goes far beyond treating the skin, releasing muscle tension, allowing lymph to flow and releasing any restricted fascia will greatly improve the health of the skin leaving you sculpted and glowing.

40 minutes


Add oxygen mask $29

Packages available

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